Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flowering Trees

Douglasville, Georgia is one of the most attractive places on Earth during the spring season. Or do I just love the town for any reason? I do love the spring flowers and today I give you two examples of what we locals enjoy beginning around the middle of March.

I discovered this absolutely beautiful Bradford pear tree in a Douglasville neighborhood off of Chapel Hill Road. Unsurrounded by other trees, the purity of the white blooms makes one gasp with appreciation.

This picture does not do justice to the lovely ethereal quality of the blooms on these pink cherry trees. Many neighborhoods in Douglasville line the front entrance with the lacy and slightly rose colored trees. These sentinels of greeting make the viewers/visitors pause at least briefly to admire the plain old prettiness of the scene.

All over the city the Bradford pear and the cherry tree have been used to welcome visitors, to enhance property, and to announce the arrival of spring. Some years the blooms are fuller than others, but I enjoy each and every one. More pictures follow. I tried to photograph the sun behind the blooms. For some reason, the flowers appear more heavenly that way. Let me know if you can see the beauty of the plants in the photograph.

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  1. Yep! They're beautiful

    Good photography, too!

    And bubbly text!!

    When the dogwoods/azaleas come into bloom, be sure to get them in!